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Jai's Ice Cream is the UK's first lactose free, dairy ice cream.


At last, if you have an intolerance to lactose, or simply choose to live without it, you don't have to miss out on all the fun!


We make our ice cream with all-natural, premium ingredients. Fresh dairy milk, cream and free-range award-winning egg yolks go into every batch to produce a rich and velvety custard base ready for all the beautiful fruits and flavours to come.


A bit of all-natural magic is added to the milk and cream in the form of a lactase enzyme which helpfully breaks down the natural sugars in the dairy, making it lactose free and easy to digest. Hey Presto.


However, our challenge was not only to make lactose free, dairy ice cream, but to make really excellent, top quality, delicious, can't-put-the-spoon-down ice cream that would be enjoyed by everyone. Not a sad 'free from' option at the back of the freezer.


With an unseemly amount of tasting, testing and recipe tweaking, we made that ambition a reality and are extremely proud of the end result.


Happily for us, the tasting, testing and tweaking continues every day with each new flavour and ingredient!


We offer home delivery in North London (see Our Ice Creams page for details).

We also supply wholesale to restaurants and cafes in London, as well as in artisan food stores





Back in 2014 I realised I had become intolerant to lactose. It was hard working out what I could and couldn’t eat and also trying not to loose the joy of eating. It’s such a big part of my life, that cutting out delicious food like cheese, yoghurt and of course ice cream, was tough. 


Over time I adapted, and thankfully various lactose free cheeses and yoghurts turned up in the shops to help me not feel so left out. But to my intense disappointment, that didn’t include ice cream! 


There are some great vegan varieties out there, but I really missed that wonderful creamy taste you get from dairy ice cream. So, I started to look into it... why oh why wasn’t there one available?!


I didn’t get an answer, but I did become obsessed with ice cream and how it’s made - it’s seriously scientific! - and went on a huge number of courses that took me all over the country.


Bit by bit I learned what kind of ice cream I wanted to make - I love super smooth, creamy ice cream that is not too sweet - and then set about making it again and again and again, tweaking my recipes as I went. I filled every square inch of freezer space with tubs of homemade ice creams, and had endless tasting sessions with friends and family. At one stage I had 11 different vanilla recipes! 


This process helped me to create and refine my recipes and learn all the rights and wrongs and small adjustments that go into making fabulous ice cream.


I am very proud that no one has been able to tell the difference between Jai’s Ice Cream and other premium dairy ice creams. I didn’t want to make a ‘good enough’ ice cream, I wanted to make one that by any measure, people would thoroughly enjoy and want to come back for more. Basically, ice cream that everyone would be excited to enjoy with you.