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Updated - Monday 13/12/21 


FLAVOURS - freshly churned

500ml Tubs

Chuckleberry Dark Chocolate 🍫🍒

If you love the flavours of a creamy, rich, fruity Black Forest Gateau then this is the ice cream for you.

Chuckleberries are the most amazing berry: Similar to Blackberries in taste and colour, but with an even deeper, fuller flavour. They also have a little more gooseberry-like tartness.

Combined with vanilla cream ice cream and crackling dark chocolate shards, this is a really delicious (grown-up) ice cream to enjoy through the Winter season 🌟

Ceylon Cinnamon

We use Organic ‘true’ cinnamon from Sri Lanka in this beautifully creamy, delicate and wonderfully rounded ice cream. Ceylon cinnamon a gentler, more nuanced, delicious flavour than Cassia bark (which is what we commonly refer to as cinnamon). Wonderfully heady and refreshing on warm days and somehow simultaneously comforting on cold ones too!

Lemon Cream 🍋 

Rich, smooth and creamy lemon ice cream made with beautiful fresh lemons and lots of lemon zest

Salted Caramel

1 Star ⭐️ Great Taste Award 2019 & 2021

We make our caramel in small batches and cook it until it is a deep, nutty conker in colour. This is then folded through the custard with a generous pinch of Maldon sea salt. The result is a super smooth, rich and creamy salted caramel

Strawberry Buttermilk 

1 Star ⭐️ Great Taste Award 2021

Creamy strawberry ice cream, heaps of beautifully ripe strawberries go into each tub 🍓 With a touch of buttermilk to enhance and brighten the beautiful, fresh taste of the fruit


Madagascan Vanilla

National Ice Cream Competition Award 2019

1 Star ⭐️ Great Taste Award 2020 & 2021

Luxuriously rich and velvety smooth Madagascan Vanilla ice cream. The beautiful pods are steeped in the milk and cream for 24hrs before cooking to make the most of their wonderfully deep flavour ✨

Mint Choc

1 Star ⭐️ Great Taste Award 2020 & 2021

Creamy, refreshing peppermint ice cream made with the purest quality Norfolk peppermint. We make our dark chocolate shards in-house so they have a lovely crunch and then melt in your mouth. And because we eat with our eyes, we give the ice cream an all natural cool green hue with organic spirulina.

Movie Night 🎥🍨

Creamy cookies & vanilla cream ice cream with freshly baked almond cookies and crunchy, melt-in-the -mouth dark chocolate

Raspberry Ripple

1 Star ⭐️ Great Taste Award 2020

Creamy Madagascan vanilla ice cream rippled with homemade fresh raspberry sauce


Rich Chocolate

1 Star ⭐️ Great Taste Award 2019

Jam-packed with 70.4% dark Belgian chocolate and a pinch of Maldon sea salt 

PRICES - Delivered 💫 

Including £2.50 delivery

1 Tub = £8.45 

2 Tubs = £14.40

3 Tubs = £20.35

4 Tubs = £26.30



I offer ice creams deliveries every week throughout much of North London. Check out HomeCooks for the delivery areas or drop me an email 💫


HomeCooks platform: https://home-cooks.co.uk

I do Home Deliveries in North London every Friday 🚚🍨 Just sign up to the wonderful @homecooks_uk new website (above) and order from my menu. If there’s a particular flavour you want, I can usually accommodate so long as I have it 💕

NOTE: If you want to confirm if we offer delivery to your area, or which area you are in, just email me or send me a quick message on Insta. I’ll get back to you quickly! 😍

Well worth checking Home Cooks out as there are many talented local chefs cooking on this group. It was set up to promote and support local chefs cooking up freshly made, high quality, REAL food to the local community. 

If you live in or immediately around N10/N8, I can deliver to you directly ~

Instagram: DM me to order

Email: Using the Contact form on this website



Orders via Home Cooks website - Stripe payment

Direct deliveries - Bank transfer

Remember, all our ice creams are made with lactose free dairy and fresh, premium ingredients ☀️🌺☀️


The Great Taste Awards are highly coveted, and entries are submitted from all over the world. In deciding which products deserve their commendation, they are looking quite simply for two things: quality of ingredients and deliciousness. They describe it thus:

" 1 STAR: Simply Delicious Food. A food that delivers fantastic flavour!"

" 2 STARS: Outstanding. Above and beyond delicious - less than 10% of entries will achieve this rating”