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We make Jai’s Ice Cream with all natural ingredients.

Fresh whole milk, cream and award-winning free-range eggs go into every batch along with beauties such as Premium Madagascan vanilla pods, fresh raspberries and dark Belgian chocolate.


Our ice creams are all gluten free, including all of our handmade biscuits, crumbles and sauces which we make with equally fabulous ingredients. 






* Award Winner ~ National Ice Cream Competition 2019 

(Judged blind against lactose-full dairy ice creams)


For us, Vanilla ice cream needs to be rich, dense, creamy and full of the dusky tones of real vanilla pods. We use highest quality Grade A Madagascan vanilla pods sourced from family run farms in Madagascar which we allow to steep in a rich egg custard base before churning.



*Great Taste Award 2019 - 1 Star

"...a really authentic chocolate taste, it is creamy and moreish. Commendable that it is lactose free."

In most circumstances I would opt for chocolate straight up rather than as ice cream. So, when developing this ice cream, it was essential to make one that could tempt me to change my mind! We have done that by truly jam-packing it with lusciously rich and creamy 70.4% dark Belgian chocolate. A little Dutched cacao, sea salt and freshly ground coffee beans enhance and round off the wonderful chocolate taste. I’m sold.



Lusciously creamy vanilla ice cream rippled with fresh raspberry sauce made with heaps of fresh raspberries and a squeeze of lemon juice.



*Great Taste Award 2019 - 1 Star

"A delightfully smooth and creamy ice cream."

A dense scoop of our rich and creamy Salted Caramel ice cream is indulgent, velvety smooth and incredibly moreish. We also make a version layering it up with pecans which we toast with honey, sea salt and a little brown sugar to add texture and to celebrate the out-and-out deliciousness of toasted nuts!


Our Mint Choc is light and creamy, refreshing and crunchy with shards of dark chocolate that melt in your mouth as you eat. We use pure high quality Norfolk peppermint oil which has a wonderfully rounded aroma and flavour, and a little totally natural spirulina to give the ice cream a gentle green colour.


Raspberries & Cream Ice Cream. This ice cream so so pretty! Made with fresh raspberries and Madagascan vanilla pods, then layered with little jewels of Meringue.


Velvety smooth and intense dark chocolate ice cream with English peppermint. Made with 70.4% dark Belgian chocolate. 


The Great Taste Awards are highly coveted, and entries are submitted from all over the world. In deciding which products deserve their commendation, they are looking quite simply for two things: quality of ingredients and deliciousness. They describe it thus, " 1 STAR: Simply Delicious Food. A food that delivers fantastic flavour!"