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Updated - Saturday 16/01/21


FLAVOURS - freshly churned

500ml Tubs

Movie Night 🎥🍨

Creamy cookies & vanilla cream ice cream with freshly baked almond cookies and crunchy, melt-in-the -mouth dark chocolate

Salted Caramel

1 Star ⭐️ Great Taste Award 2019

We make our caramel in small batches and cook it until it is a deep, nutty conker in colour. This is then folded through the custard with a generous pinch of Maldon sea salt. The result is a super smooth, rich and creamy salted caramel

Almond Stracciatella

Smooth, sweet almond ice cream rippled with crisp, melting dark chocolate 


Madagascan Vanilla  ~ 

National Ice Cream Competition Award 2019

1 Star ⭐️ Great Taste Award 2020 

Luxuriously rich and velvety smooth Madagascan Vanilla ice cream. The beautiful pods are steeped in the milk and cream for 24hrs before cooking to make the most of their wonderfully deep flavour ✨


Raspberry Ripple

1 Star ⭐️ Great Taste Award 2020

Creamy Madagascan vanilla ice cream rippled with homemade fresh raspberry sauce


Rich Chocolate  ~ 

1 Star ⭐️ Great Taste Award 2019

Jam-packed with 70.4% dark Belgian chocolate and a pinch of Maldon sea salt 


Mint Choc

1 Star ⭐️ Great Taste Award 2020

With pure English peppermint, crunchy-melting 70% dark chocolate shards and a hint of natural green from safflowers and spirulina



Smooth pistachio ice cream made with lightly roasted Great Taste award-winning pistachios

*£1 supplement due to the high cost of the exceptional pistachios*



Smooth and creamy hazelnut ice cream layered with crunchy roasted hazelnuts

*We have had to add a £1 supplement due to the high cost of our top-quality hazelnuts, which we use liberally in this ice cream to make it truly deliciously hazelnut-y 🥰*


After Dark

Velvety smooth 70.4% dark chocolate ice cream with a hint of English peppermint.



1 Tub = £7

2 Tubs = £13.50

3 Tubs = £18





Instagram: DM me to order and I’ll be in touch to arrange delivery

Email: Using the Contact form on this website

‘Farm London’ App - Artisan Home Delivery

This is a new food home delivery app with a whole range of freshly prepared, wonderful quality food.

I offer a delivery day every week, in the local area

‘Home Cooks’ group on Facebook

I offer ice creams deliveries every week in all four of their areas, and their surrounds. Check out @homecooks on FB or Instagram. (Well worth checking out as there are many amazing chefs cooking on this group!)

Crouch End

Kentish Town

Stoke Newington




Contactless deliveries with bank transfer

Remember, all our ice creams are made with lactose free dairy and fresh, premium ingredients ☀️🌺☀️


The Great Taste Awards are highly coveted, and entries are submitted from all over the world. In deciding which products deserve their commendation, they are looking quite simply for two things: quality of ingredients and deliciousness. They describe it thus, " 1 STAR: Simply Delicious Food. A food that delivers fantastic flavour!"